Monday, August 10, 2009

Shakespeare and Legos

I promised everyone a slice of my life, and then immediately went back on doing so. For that I am sorry. Moving on, I have some big things coming up, whereby I'll be graduating college, directing my first production, and attending Brickfair, while doing research for my thesis. That being said, I'm making some huge strides on that; and I've uncovered some interesting philosophical points, but I'm not quite ready to publish them yet. Romeo and Juliet is moving along, and I can't believe it's only a few months until the curtain goes up, and I haven't finished casting yet. I never realized that casting was that hard. But I have my Juliet, Romeo, Mercutio, and Nurse, which are the most difficult roles to cast, as they more or less carry the show; so I am significantly less worried.
On another note, I'll be attending Brickfair in Washington D.C. on August 21-23. If anyone is remotely interested in LEGO, then they should attend. I'll be there with my MOC's ready to have a great time. See you there.

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