Monday, March 14, 2011

Culinary Frat Boy

Well, Monday, and the end of the long weekend has come around. Saturday was when Pittsburgh celebrates its version of St. Patrick's Day. More or less, due to the historically large Irish population of Pittsburgh, St. Patrick's Day has more or less evolved into the Pittsburgh version of Mardi Gras, a time when the alcohol flows freely, inhibitions are lowered, and for a single day, everyone is Irish, whether they really are or not.
The day began quite early in the morning, waking up at 7 am (an obscene hour) and heading over to my friend's house for Kegs and Eggs. (A bastardized version of the Irish breakfast)The day then stretched on through most of the city, and until the wee hours of the morning. Before you ask, yes, there are pictures. And no, if I have my way, they will never see the light of day. (Intoxicated women+Man in Kilt= You can guess what happened.) Anyway, let's just say that the word "crazy" doesn't quite begin to cover it.
The only remotely "culinary" thing of note would be the annual re-appearance of green beer. Now, this isn't actually notable, but it's tradition, so we knocked back a few. Personally, I don't really get it. As you can tell, I'm a bit of an ingredient snob, so the fact that the beer of choice was Miller Lite, I was disappointed. Lite beer is evil, if you're going to drink beer, endure the few extra calories, and enjoy the experience, rather than deaden your palate. The other thing is the amount of green coloring in the beer. If you insist on drinking it, it should have an emerald hue, and you really, really should not drink a beer that has so much coloration you can taste it.

Sunday, after waking up feeling surprisingly good, I had a full day at the theater. Unfortunately in that case, that means delicious (not really), fattening (most certainly) fast food. I refuse to discuss the fine points of fast food, if only for the simple fact that THERE ARE NONE.

Finally, today. Honestly, today was a day where after spacing out all day long, I realized that I had managed to completely forget about actually eating. So, I headed to the kitchen to see what I could whip up. Granted, I also found not much in the way of raw materials, but I did find eggs, nacho cheese, and a spiral sliced ham. This, by the way, is where I realized that I am not an Iron Chef. I don't do well with secret ingredients. After making a basic scramble of eggs, adding the ham and cheese. I was disappointed. Technique wise, they were good. Nice, fluffy, not to wet or dry, and plenty of fillings and seasoning. There was just something about them, and I still can't place my finger on it, that I was really disappointed with.

After a weekend of bad food, I decided I might as well throw in the towel and try again tomorrow. So, with fast feet and an empty stomach, I headed to Little Caesars Pizza down the street to pick up a five dollar pizza. The thing about Little Caesars is that it isn't that good. But, it's pizza. At the end of the day, at least it fills you up.

So, I guess my lesson from this weekend is that I should have listened to Miguel de Cervantes, when he wrote "La mejor salsa del mundo es la hambre."
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