Saturday, November 12, 2011

Angry Young Man?

It has occurred to me recently (more or less now) that I haven't updated much. I have been having a lot on my mind, and for some reason I have been meditating on a wide variety of deeply philosophical subjects, including the human need to belong to a group, the nature of art, and it's place in the world, and even greater subjects, such as the fundamental differences between men and women, and the need for creating a legacy of sorts.

I think a lot of these things are tied to the fact I just turned 24, and I am not quite settled in that fact yet. I think I know where I should be, but I am not there currently. Strangely though, I have found I have become much more meditative. I don't get angry as much as I used to, nor as quickly. This change has really surprised me. I used to be the stereotypical "angry young man," more or less rebounding through life, latching onto whatever cause fueled my rage at the time.

Something is different now. I am no longer as angry as I once was. I've even tried to get that angry, and it seems to have burned itself out. It isn't a matter of being less involved about politics, indeed, I am more so now than I was before, but it seems like the last reserve of my anger has dissipated.

I'm actually not complaining. I could get used to this feeling, about being much more at peace with things. I guess this is just a part of maturing.

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