Thursday, May 9, 2013


When a man is tired, there is a certain weight in his limbs
Strong with muscle in a way that no plan can make
Under the yellow streetlights he makes his way home
Tired in body, but awake in mind
Free of his earthly shell, he is free to explore his surroundings that he would otherwise miss.
"More fool you" his mind speaks,
"The Good Lord made the whole world in six days, and even he rested on the seventh. What you tryin' to do? You are just a man."
"Not good" says his heart, "For when I am free of my fleshy prison, I am one with the cosmos. I am the infinite, and in my own way, I am God. Does not the Good Book say we are created in his image? Are we therefore not gods ourselves?"
For once, his mind is still as his soul emerges, all activity around him ceasing.
When the body is tired, the soul must seek. All on needs is to eat, drink, live, love, one's friends, and one's enemies. To seek the infinite is the purpose. When a man finds repose, his arms tired from good works, even in earthly chains, he is never more free.

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