Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Best Laid Plans...

Be prepared, I will probable be quoting a lot of the Enlightenment period philosophers at this point. The title, of course comes from Robert Burns, the poet Laureate of Scotland, and is completed by the words "o mice and men gang oft aglay" (better understood as "of mice and men often go awry." This fairly accurately describes what happened with today's post.

I originally intended to write a long post about frugality, and the re-use of leftovers in cooking. I even did a very good job on the examples including this:

A four layer dip made from refried beans, cheese, salsa, and leftover Hamburger Helper. Good tasting? Absolutely. Good for you? Well...let's not talk about the sodium in this.

I also made this:

A pastry filled with asparagus and the remains of a spiral cut ham, with a mustard-cheese sauce. As for this one? Good, and good for you.

I was feeling fairly accomplished at this point, until two separate events happened. The first of these was that I received the news that my father has surgery once again tomorrow. He says that I don't need to be there, but I plan on it. There have been so many errors that have taken place that I honestly do not trust the hospital to provide a solid standard of care anymore. If you can't trust the people that you put your life in their hands, where exactly does that leave you?

That would be enough for most people to put them on edge, but that was then followed by another messy phone call. My girlfriend received a message from her ex stating that he no longer wanted the cat that they adopted, and that his plan was to set the cat out in three days. Bear in mind at this point we are due to receive approximately a foot of snow in that same time span. The mere thought of this fills me with rage, and to be honest, makes me wish someone would re-arrange his face with a baseball bat. You do not hurt those weaker than you. It is not done. I wish that I could bring the cat in question to my house, but I have a very affectionate, extremely territorial cat of my own (territorial to the point where her cage before the adoption read "does not play well with others") 

At this point, I am beyond angry to the point of being numb, and am doing my best to channel all of this anger and pain is a positive direction. Will I succeed? I hope so. I recognize the fact I am human, so there is the possibility that all of these feeling will just simmer for a while longer. Only time will tell.

I want to leave you with his thought for tonight, a quote commonly attributed to Edmund Burke: "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing." If you see someone abusing someone weaker than you, will you have the courage to stand up to them?

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