Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Finishing Up Tasks

Today was a day that focused on completing a few tasks that I had half-started. As a result, I was able to finish both a scarf and hat that I was working on, as well as complete the possibles bag made from an old pair of jeans. Other than that, I was glad to get the first of my crops for this year planted.

Within those containers are the seeds for tomatoes, various herbs, lavender, an extra amount of zucchini (to make up for a pitiful amount last year) and yellow squash (perfect for grilling.) A lot of my work lately focuses on recycling the old to create the new, and this is definitely something I want to keep embracing. Besides being more fiscally responsible, it is also taking a major step in sustainable design. Every thing I do this way is just one more object kept out of a landfill. The snow is still pretty thick here, and the cold can make things difficult, but I am looking forward to some bigger projects as soon as I can get outside.

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