Sunday, February 2, 2014

Groundhog Day

At midnight last night, I was not at home. I was actually at the bedside of my father, waiting on the results of a test. As I sat there, I was focusing all of my thoughts on knitting. This may sound strange, but the repetitive motion of moving over and over again in a loop is very meditative. That is how I completed this first project at about two in the morning.

This is a two strand knit, for an adult. Hopefully this will be headed out to the shelter sooner rather than later, something that is completely dependent upon when I can get out of the home/ hospital routine. After catching a few hours of sleep, I was back at the hospital, and while my father was sleeping, I knitted this:

Another adult hat, in red and yellow. I was fortunate enough to receive some yarn (and by some I mean close to ten skeins) Two of those skeins were crimson and mustard yellow, two different colors that don't really blend with anything else. I think this combination actually works. This hat went to one of the nurses at the hospital. Nurses spend all day taking care of people who have trouble taking care of themselves, so it is nice to be able to give a gift to one of them on occasion. 

I fully acknowledge that I am not rich, and even when it comes time to give for those less fortunate, I don't usually give money. If there is a cause, and it must be one I truly believe in, I will give you something that is much more valuable to me than money, that being my time. Money comes and goes, but time is the truly finite resource. If I give you my time, and you give me time in return, that is a transaction worth more than any financial gain. 

I will leave for the day with this closing note. In the "Infinite Universes" theory, every single choice causes two universes to be created, one for each choice. If every action you take, and more importantly, every person you meet causes another universe to be created, why would you not recognize the power that each new interaction has?

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