Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Get By...

...With a little help from my friends. Yesterday was, well, cathartic, among other things. Am I still angry? Hell yeah I am. Am I dealing with it. The answer is also yes. Thank you all who reached out to me, a lot of your wisdom and perspective was greatly appreciated.

Today was focusing more on planning to deal with the financial issues. I am now doing my best to bring in the groceries for the house and take over meal planning. This received a boost today at the grocery store when a lot of the canned goods are on sale, and more importantly, a lot "no salt" vegetables were among them. Menu planning for my family is an, well, we'll call it "interesting" puzzle in the interests of being polite. Balancing food allergies, the various medical conditions in the family (hence why no salt is important,) the actual food preferences withing the group (my mother hates peas, and my girlfriend hates seafood. I consider them both horribly mistaken.) and food costs can be practically a full time job in itself. Fortunately, I am slowly getting better as I go, and have now discover the extensive use of weekly ads.

On a more manly subject, I have started work on a new powder horn for myself. For those people who have no idea what that is, it is literally a horn (in this case, from a cow) that has been adapted into a container to hold black powder. This device is a mainstay of hunters and re-enactors both. The thing in particular that I discovered today was that with so many microscopic layers, horn is not so much "worked" as a material, but "coerced" into shape. But, I did cut myself on the project, so I now know it is worth pursuing (I know, it is a strange metric, but I don't consider myself having worked hard on a project unless I have accidentally made myself bleed.)

And as usual, I have another hat done, this one should be great for the oncology ward. Tomorrow is the start of a long few days though, and I have miles to go before I sleep.

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