Thursday, February 6, 2014

Keep on...Keeping on.

Today...was a long day. Very long. Exceedingly long. So long that the minutes seemed like hours, and you don't want to imagine the seconds. Imagine the tedium of reading this introduction all day long. Got it? Good. Anyway, my father is out of the hospital now, which is a good thing. As a family we also spent a lot of time talking to one of the priests while we were waiting for the discharge papers, and at that point something came to light that I wasn't expecting. When the priest asked my father why he is fighting the cancer, he responded with "Them." He isn't fighting the cancer for himself at all, if it were just him, he would be ready to make himself comfortable and surrender. Instead he wants to be around for my family. I can't run away now, even when sometimes all I want to do is run down the street naked and screaming. Something to give myself a little vacation in my head. I can't do that now because he is fighting to be around for us. I need to fight with myself to be around with my family. It fills me with rage that my father is dying, and I am unable to stop it, and that people like my girlfriend's ex, who willingly abandons animals in the cold, survive. Where is the cosmic justice that is always promised?

Anyway, here is today's project:

At this rate, none of the homeless will be lacking hats by next winter. I also finished up reading my first book of the month, Changes by Jim Butcher, part of the Dresden Files. 

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