Monday, February 3, 2014

Knitting a Relationship

Today was a rather important day for me, being the first anniversary for my girlfriend and myself. It started rather poorly however, as we spend most of the afternoon in the hospital with my father. He is due for another round of surgery early tomorrow morning. As I sat there knitting, focusing on making the rows evenly over and over again, I realized that the fibers I was working with had more significance than I initially thought.
On its own, a single strand of yarn is not very strong. and indeed is made up of even smaller fibers. When you knit something, you take one, and often more strands, and by contorting them and placing them under tension, you make them stronger. It was at this moment that I had the revelation, that some materials, and people need to be put under pressure to have them reach their maximum performance. It also gave me pause, especially on my anniversary to think about the colors used. Very rarely when you knit do you use a single color, but you look for something to compliment it. The contrast is what creates the whole pattern. As it is with yard, it is so with relationships. By finding a partner that complements you, and by being put together under pressure, you can create something stronger than each individual. On that note, here is today's project:

A pair of matching hats in red and yellow. I think these might be the last two hats in this pattern, since the extra large skeins are running out. Knitting time on this pair, about five and a half hours.

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