Sunday, February 16, 2014

Late to the Party

I wanted to write this somewhat earlier, but a few things came up that needed dealt with, hence why I am writing this at one'o'clock in the morning, instead of...well, sleeping springs to mind. Talking of the mind, I guess I just have a lot of it on that lately. For some reason, my creativity tends to flow more, and the ideas come more quickly during an extended period of stress. At this moment, my notebooks are filling up more and more quickly, and some of the crazier ones, such as the Andrew Huntley Museum of Contemporary Art (a portable museum in a suitcase) are starting to actually take shape. I suppose these flights of fancy are my mind's way of taking a little time off stress. When the creative process is in full swing, the demands of the body and heart can wait. Like I said earlier, any control that is exerted over the chaos is a lifeline to progress. All one can do is to hold on.

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