Thursday, February 27, 2014

Prepping for the Coming Season...and the rest of the week.

With the temperature hoving somewhere are below freezing, I wanted to hole up in the house for the day, and essentially hibernate. The problem with hibernating is that you miss out on doing all of the domestic chores that are needed.

My mother is handling my father's illness very well, almost too so. One of the things that I wanted to do was to make things on her as easily as possible. By spending a few hours in the kitchen, I managed to cook up meals for the next three days since I need to be out of town to do a few jobs. To be specific the meals included: Two pounds of mashed potatoes (the good kind with butter and cream), two Cottage pies, two beef and spinach pasties (one of my go-to's) and about four pounds of beefy macaroni and cheese. These can be paired with a wide variety of vegetables (canned, frozen, and fresh) to make complete meals. I would be much more comfortable with doing the jobs out of the town knowing that my mother is free to keep a closer eye on my father.

More planting was done, an entire flat was planted with onions, peppers, and sunflowers, and another two containers were prepped for chives and dill. The seeds in the first flat are beginning to sprout, and the herbs and zuchinni (one of my favorites) are showing promise already.

Oh, and I did laundry, some home repair, and knitted another hat. I kicked the household's ass, and took names. It doesn't happen often. but damn, winning feels good.

'Nuff said. (at this point, I would walk away from an explosion while putting on my sunglasses...but I don't have the special effects budget for that.)

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