Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spinning Wheels

So, today I feel like I spun my wheels a little bit, and in keeping with how icy the roads are here, I failed to gain traction. The job scheduled for tomorrow was pushed back, as was the first business meeting for today. No luck there. As for my second meeting, I am fairly sure the gentleman I was meeting was completely off of his meds. I am given to hyperbole upon occasion, but I am fairly sure that was not the case here. I followed along with his mania until he started to talk about his latest project, that of creating medieval weapons for the homeless so that they can rise up against the rich. Wouldn't you know, I suddenly remembered a prior appointment, and high-tailed it out of there. Lesson learned? Screen my meetings much more carefully.

I also managed to get some essential household shopping today, and once again took advantage of coupons and sales. Necessity is slowly making me better at this "saving money thing"

Finally, I managed to knit not one, but two infant hats in light blue and white.given my Facebook feed (and the fact that Valentine's day was this past week) I am trying to keep items like that handy for the inevitable baby showers. When I give hats as a gift, I actually prefer to give them as a set of two or three. That way (as babies are messy) there is always another hat that can keep the child warm as the first hat is being washed. I promise for being a big, tough guy, I do think logically about home-making (on occasion.)

I also received a phone call early in the day which sort of colored my perception of the day. I used to, and still occasionally do work as a teaching artist, and the call was from a former student of mine, letting me know that another student in one of the classes I taught killed himself. It hurts to think that someone so young would decide to do such a thing. I suppose I have been trying to wrap my head around it all day...and I just can't. The idea of throwing away such promise seems like such a waste, and if you know me, you know how much I abhor wasting anything, let alone talent, drive, and a young life. I guess I will close with a sort of public service announcement. If you find yourself reading this in a dark hour, know one thing: I am thinking about you right this moment. And with that thought, know you are not truly alone. Namaste.

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