Monday, February 17, 2014

Thoughts on Saving Money (and Maybe the World?)

In the process of making, one encounters a problem on occasion, namely that of being short on funds. Many things can be made inexpensively, but the problem with inexpensive is that it often entails some measure of cost. (For example, I found enough yarn at the thrift store to last for...possibly a this rate, and it cost $5.99. This is not a large expense for a month of entertainment, but the point stands that there is still an expense.) As a result, due to the issues that are taking place around here, I have slowly gotten better at using coupons.

I fully admit, I used to be rather shy about looking for sales, and especially using coupons. For the longest time, I considered it a sign of weakness. A very small one to be sure, but still an admission of sorts. I have come around to realize though, that using coupons is actually a rather effective way of stretching funds that would otherwise be very difficult. The fact I have a slight addiction to the TLC series Extreme Couponing may have something to do with my conversion, but you get one admission of something from my subconscious per day, my thoughts on trash tv will come at another time.

Now as for today's work: I picked up a decent load of supplies for the house today at a lower price. Before I set out, I had a coupon for $5 off of a $25 or more purchase. I combined this with a deal that they were running on Coca-Cola for four cases at a cost of $15, and then receiving a coupon for $5 in credit. By purchasing eight, I was able to use that coupon, and get all of the products for $15 total. I then paired that with a case of water (I know the tap water here is "safe" but I live in Western Pennsylvania. We are surrounded by mining companies, and as West Virginia has recently shown, mining companies and safe water don't necessarily mix.) and a pair of Valentine hearts (I've worked with chocolate before, it does not magically go bad the day after Valentine's day) for an additional $8. For nine cases of drinks, and a sizable amount of chocolate, the total bill came to $23.

I also finished a camouflage (that was difficult to spell) hat for my father to wear when he starts chemotherapy. I also will be dropping off a lot of my hats and scarves to the oncology ward when he goes, as I was surprised to learn that many people become very cold constantly during the process due to nerve damage. If I can help stop it, I will. I think this means I might need to double my knitting, since I still want to help the homeless. In further news, I have two meetings tomorrow, so in spite of everything else, progress is still being made.

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