Saturday, February 22, 2014


Today I received something very nice: the opportunity to travel for a job. Once I was out of college, that was one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately due to the familial situation, I haven't had much opportunity to do that as of late, but a fast job let me leave town for just a brief moment. Sometimes leaving a situation allows you to get perspective. The job gave me a chance to recharge both myself and my wallet.

Both of these factors came in handy for the rest of my day, since it mostly consisted of shopping, especially grocery shopping.When I was younger, I used to hate having to go, but now as I have aged, I now fully understand a lot of the factors that go into a successful shopping trip.

I think the first of these factors are organization, and keeping to your budget. This second one is especially important to me at them moment. As for organization, I had three different ads, all marked with the items and quantities I needed, in addition to a notebook with the list, and finally an envelope full of coupons. I felt fairly well organized.

What did that organization get? About $60 off of the grocery tab for today. Oh, and in keeping my promise to make something every day, I finished up another infant hat. That and the scarf I am working on both use what I refer to as the "dregs" of the yarn, that last bit left which is too short for a project. When combined together though, it serves two purposes, 1) saving money and 2) creating a one of a kind piece.

Well, I am exhausted, and now I have reached the destination for the night. Good night John-boy.

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