Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Geeking Out at Goodwill

I often check out thrift and second hand shops. There are many times I need a specific tool, or something extremely esoteric for a job, and these are often the best places to find exactly what I need. Sometimes, however, I get lucky and find a few things that I want.

While looking through a selection of grab bags, I had the good chance to find a very large Disney assortment. The only thing I didn't like was the price at $22. However, I was lucky enough to notice that the tag was marked for an additional 50% off. With this new information, I didn't hesitate, and picked it right up. 

Once I had it home and started checking it out, I realized what a deal I truly had. Here is just the highlights of the bag: 

As you can see, I especially lucked out in terms of Minions. There are three of the hard to find McDonald's toys of the Minions, as well as a very large plush of Tim. There was also a wide selection of vinyl Disney figures in the 3-4" range, and another good selection of un-opened kid's meal toys. Those will go right into the trunk for sale and trade. In the corner is a large Rex from Toy Story, and just to the left you can see this guy:

That is a Little People version of Buzz Lightyear, something I had never seen before. I might have to keep an eye out for more of these guys in the future. 

In addition to my haul, the bag also contained plush figures from the Disney store, including Perry the Platypus ($10 value), Rapunzel ($20 value) and Nemo ($20 value.) These were in my hands briefly before being relinquished to my girlfriend's Disney plush collection.

All in all, about $110 worth of toys and figures for $11. 

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