Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thrift Shop Find

While perusing the thrift shop earlier, I happened upon a great find: what would turn out to be a full file box of National Geographic magazines.

They were sitting on a shelf, just waiting for the right buyer, so I called over the manager, and asked how much she would take for the lot. $15 bought approximately 50 issues (I haven't actually counted yet) of National Geographic, as well as the entire stock of Archaeology, American Archaeology, and Bon Appetit magazines they had in stock. Considering how I plow through periodicals in addition to my other materials, I think this should keep me from being bored for a while. I'm eagerly waiting to get a chance to go through and see what maps may also be found in there. Sometimes when you don't have the time or fiances to go on an adventure, you need to get your fix elsewhere. This find will certainly help me bide my time.

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