Thursday, November 6, 2014


The affair and the storm both begin in the same way. The winds change, and a subtle shift occurs in the participants. For some, their desire is to hide, to seek shelter in some protected harbor, and hope that things blow over quickly. They retreat to the edges, where the depth is the shallowest, in the hopes they will not be drawn into the tempest. On the other hand, there are those individuals who relish in the power of the storm. They sense the change of energy and steer directly towards it. The very air around them is electrified, and they in turn draw energy from that. Eventually, the two bodies in place are going to be faced with a collision. Some attempt to maneuver to and fro in an attempt to break free, but the more experienced party knows that when such a course is set, the only thing to do is accept fate and brace for an impact. More often than a collision occurring are the near misses, to use the phrase in both senses of two ships passing in the night. The mere nature of the moment, when the danger and consequences are at their highest peak allows for an unadulterated adrenaline rush throughout the body, magnifying the senses and allowing one to feel, if only for a brief moment, completely, unabashedly alive.
If fate has determined that a collision will occur between the two, that is all that can be said of the matter. It will simply happen one way or another. It might be calm one moment, and then the next, both parties are thrown together where the inevitable crash occurs. It is as if the paths were set in stone to play out a drama as old as civilization. The two begin moving slowly towards each other, cautiously, eager to avoid making a mistake, until they realize too late they are too close. As they move to each other, friction begins to build, everything heats up until one spark shatters the status quo, and in that brief instant, all barriers are shattered.
The only thing left to see after that point is whether a clear sky or an utter disaster will be found when the clouds finally part. Only one thing is certain: Those who venture into the storm never return the same.