Sunday, June 30, 2013

Additional Curiosities

Sometimes, when seeking out cannons and other artillery pieces, you find other monuments, or cannon related pieces. Here are a few of those that have crossed my path so far. 

First, a model of the Rodman Casting Process, a safer way to produce large caliber cannons. This model was produced for display in 1878.

Rodman Display Model Close Up

Rodman Display Model Front

Rodman Display Model ID Plaque

Rodman Display Model Side

Rodman Display Model Three Quarter

A few days later, I came across a Korean War vintage fighter in a Memorial Park in New Kensington, next to a 3 Inch gun.

Korean War Jet-Left Front

Korean War Jet-Cockpit
Korean War Jet-Front Right

Korean War Jet-Nose

Korean War Jet-Front

Korean War Jet-Left

Korean War Jet-Markings

Finally, the same day as the fighter was documented, a Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter was found and documented outside of a V.F.W. in Lower Burrell.

Bell Helicopter-Right Front

Bell Helicopter- Engine Exhaust

Bell Helicopter- Front Logo

Bell Helicopter- ID Numbers

Bell Helicopter- Interior

Bell Helicopter- Jettison Handle Inside

Bell Helicopter- Left Rear

Bell Helicopter- Right Rear

Bell Helicopter- Rivet Signage

Bell Helicopter- Signage

Bell Helicopter- Step

Bell Helicopter- Turn Pull

Bell Helicopter- Turn Slide

Bell Helicopter-Right Door

Bell Helicopter-Right Side

Bell Helicopter-Right Side Close
Bell Helicopter-Right Side Logo

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