Friday, May 23, 2014

A Pirate's Life for Me...

While going through a trunk that was mysteriously buried about 10 feet down in the backyard, under a suspicious pile of bones, I found this pistol. It appears to be of English make, from about 1730. It was also found with a map that leads to somewhere near what is now Point State Park, but may in fact be tied to some of the early incursions to the area by the British during the construction of Fort Duquesne by the French. 

Just kidding. In reality this is a former squirt gun now turned into a prop for a musical I am working on called A Pirate's Tale which will take place on the Gateway Clipper Fleet. For me, this is a combination of two firsts: my first show involving Pirates, and the first time I have done a show on a boat. 

One of the tasks is to come up with a variety of armaments for a cast of 14 pirates. To that end, I have also learned that pirates carried a lot of weapons with them. As a result, the director, the fight choreographer and myself came up with the solution of cheating with some of the weaponry,  which has resulted in my task to transform inexpensive toys to presentable props. Right now, this pistol is my favorite. I am also very glad that this piece gets featured nicely during the show. That being said, one pistol down, many more to go.

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