Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Dumpling Experiment: Day 1

It is now less than a week away from the Pittsburgh Dumpling Experiment, and I have decided to enter. Now, I can't reveal the full details until the day of the competition, but I have chosen the truly Pittsburgh dumpling to represent in the upcoming culinary battle. However, before I rush too far ahead in excitement, let me take a moment to explain what is going on.

On Sunday the 20th, there will be a competition of amateur chefs in Pittsburgh, with everyone vying for the title of "Best Dumpling." This is part of a larger national tour, where each city has a theme. (

Now, if you have been reading this before, you know I am a fan of pierogies (see here:, so naturally I was excited about this theme. I could finally put those recipes I learned to the test.

In keeping with the theme of training, yesterday was the first of a few test batches, to make sure everything is ready for the competition. I mixed up a batch of dough, and got to folding.

Not bad for a test, and at least they look right. After boiling them, and then adding the butter, I have come to the conclusions.

Title: Pierogies-Mark I
Positives: They look right, and they smell right. They are definitely pierogies, and are edible.
Negatives: The dough is flat and chewy, and they are truly "gut-bombs." These things will sit like a rock in your stomach.
Possible Improvements: I need to up the salt in the dough, and it also needs to be rolled out to be even thinner.
Final Result: Fair.

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