Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Dumpling Experiment: Day 2

It is now 5 days until the Pittsburgh Dumpling Experiment, and this led to the next round of training. After yesterday's serviceable trial (good, but somewhat disappointing) I tweaked the recipe. The specific issue with yesterday was the pierogie was 1) flat tasting, and 2) too heavy/ chewy. In order to counteract this, I upped the sodium chloride, and made the dumpling thinner. This seemed to work. And so, I present the results:

Title: Pierogies-Mark II
Positives: These are pierogies, and they are pretty good. I could eat a lot of these.
Negatives: The dough is a little difficult to work with, and as a result, the pierogies need some help in the cosmetics department.
Possible Improvements: I need to reshape them in order to present a better appearance. I think I have the dough down, and now it is time to perfect the filling.
Final Result: Good.

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