Friday, May 1, 2015

Spirit Guide: Ghost of Christmas Present


Class VII Corporeal Entity

Also know as: The Spirit of Plenty (alleged), Father Christmas (alleged)

The Ghost of Christmas Present is a spirit which is reborn once a year on Christmas Eve. During his short time on Earth, he ages exceptionally rapidly, and has reached the appearance of old age by the stroke of Midnight. While on this spiritual plane, he often wanders, spreading warmth and cheer to the houses most in need through his Horn of Plenty. His additional powers also include the ability to teleport himself, as well as whoever he is with, some distance, but only in the same time frame.

He is most often seen as a large man with long red hair and a full beard, wearing a dark green, flowing robe. In addition, he often carries a flaming cornucopia, and on his belt is an empty scabbard. 

Most attributes of the spirit of the spirit are exceptionally symbolic, the cornucopia symbolizing prosperity, and the scabbard indicating peace.

He is also often accompanied by two small, almost feral spirits, but he retains a tight control over them, and uses them mostly as a teaching tool. They often take the form of a young boy and girl, malnourished and dirty. They are respectively the manifestations of Greed and Want.  These two particular entities should be approached with caution.

The most notable encounter occurred in 1842 when he appeared to Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge then told his tale of his appearance to his good friend Charles Dickens, who then fictionalized it into A Christmas Carol. In this particular instance, he was preceded in his arrival by two other spirits, that of a presage (in this situation, appearing in the form of Jacob Marley, Scrooge’s deceased business partner) and the Ghost of Christmas Past.  He was then immediately followed by the Ghost of Christmas Future.

Given that he is an exceptionally beneficial spirit, it is not truly necessary to take any special precautions against him. Indeed, the short time period of the encounter should be a comfort to anyone who is bothered by his presence. Given his ability to detect the inherent goodness in each soul, one might indeed be suspicious of someone’s motives if they are uncomfortable around him.  In any case, they encounter will be over in a matter of hours at the most due to the spirit’s rapid aging. Indeed, those who encounter the spirit have often reported feelings of euphoria for days after the encounter.

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